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How to help a new recruit settle in to your business quickly

When you take on a new recruit to the company, it is important to help them settle in as quickly as possible.

The sooner they get used to their new role and environment, they can start completing projects and hitting targets. Getting the working environment right is the best way to foster loyalty and boost team spirit, and by giving the right introduction you will save time and get better results in the long run. We have put together some key points to bear in mind;

Ensure you meet your new employee as soon as possible after they arrive to start developing a rapport.Reassure them that they can come to you with any initial concerns and schedule some catch-up meetings over the coming weeks to cement the welcome.

Take the time to show them around.Start with the basics and show them where the parking bays, restroom facilities and kitchen space are before showing them their workstation. Introduce them to everyone in their team so they know who they are working with, and make sure they know how the working day is structured.

Introduce them to a named colleague they can go to as a point of contact when you are not there to help with any minor queries.This way they won’t just sit their struggling, and they know they have someone that will help.

Check that you have got it right by asking how the employee has settled in, and if they feel that the introduction has been a success.