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Property Pulse with the Two Russells - eXp Realty

​The Two Russells are back with Episode 11 to meet with the juggernauts of Estate Agency, the tea...

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The unspoken truths of the current property recruitment landscape

The below article was featured in The Property Industry Eye:​​The property industry is in a frenz...

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Crafting Your Digital Persona for Career Triumph

Crafting Your Digital Persona for Career Triumph​In today's digital realm, employers and recruite...

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Attention UK Property Estate Agents: Is Your Team Operating at It's Best?

It might be time for a Team MOT!​As the CEO of Rayner Personnel, deeply entrenched in the UK prop...

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Mental Health Matters in the Property Sector

​As Mental Health Week unfolds, it's a poignant moment to address the often overlooked yet critic...

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Russell Quirk

Josh Rayner gets grilled by Russell Quirk

​For a man that has been in business for twenty years this month, Josh Rayner looks like he must ...

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Not using a recruiter for your recruitment is like encouraging your vendors to self -sell

​Here's the thing.I was chatting to a potential client who is also the MD of a multi office indep...

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Recruitment Trends and Predictions for 2024

​As we look ahead to 2024, the property industry stands at the cusp of significant change. With m...

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Specialist Headhunter

Why Specialist Headhunters Outperform In-House and Generic Recruiters in Securing Top Talent

​The battleground for top talent is fiercer than ever, especially in niche markets where speciali...

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Is your job killing the essence of who you really are?

​If you find yourself despising your job, you're not alone, and it's crucial to realise that it c...

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