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How to offer a job to a candidate and do it properly

When you are making a job offer, there are certain components you need to get right. 

The bottom line

Most candidates will reasonably expect the going rate for the job if they have ticked all of the boxes in the job description. Therefore, you should research salaries on offer in the field and consider the possibility of enhancing the wage packet for the right person in line with their experience and skills. If you are unsure what you should be looking to pay your successful candidate, the Rayner Personnel recruiters are more than happy to advise you what the going rate is in your area for that role.

If your candidate is not the complete package, but have the right potential, you may wish to amend your offer, be sure to explain why and what exactly is required in their new role. Don’t forget to leave a little room in the offer for negotiation - if your perfect candidate has another offer, you may need to make a better bid to secure them if they are the right fit for your company.

The benefit of the doubt

What perks and extras can your company offer to entice employees? Think about the bonus points which could make all the difference, such as flexible working, home working, annual leave, the opportunity to travel, staff discounts and even social occasions and construct a personalised offer for your preferred candidate. 

Look to the future

Let your selected candidate know about the pay reviews and promotions that will be on offer if they take the job and perform well. Make sure they know you are committed to progressing their career.

Seal the deal

After discussing the details on the phone, be sure to confirm the offer in writing and make sure the candidate knows when they must give you an answer by. Within two days of the offer is a reasonable time frame to stipulate for standard job roles, but more complicated offers may require extra latitude.