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How to choose between two candidates for your job vacancy

You are near to the end of the recruitment process and have interviewed all of the candidates you saw as ‘fit for purpose’.

After at least an hour with each of the applicants you have narrowed it down to 2 strong candidates.

Who do you choose?

It is a lucky dilemma to have. However, you must take the time to thoroughly evaluate your applicants, so you are confident in your decision.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself:  

1. What’s your most important need?

If you have two brilliant candidates, that both have the skills to give you great performance and would be a positive fit with the company’s culture, you’ll need to make the decision based on what you need most. Is it to increase sales, a good team player to add to your top-performing team?  The one that meets these criteria is the one to choose.

2. Which candidate has the strongest record of achievement?

It’s a good idea to recruit a candidate to grow in the position and produce significant achievements. You don’t want to recruit a candidate that will get bored easily and leave for a new opportunity. So, ask yourself, which candidate has the strongest record of past achievement. 

Who would you choose to socialise with? 

Focusing on fit, as this is the crucial determinant of future success in a company, the most outstanding candidate may not fit with the culture of the company.

Which candidate would you most like to socialise with after work, discussing everything from the football to Netflix?

This is the candidate for you.

“Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right”. Steve Jobs