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Your guide to impressing on a phone interview

Phone Interviews

Phone interviews are usually the beginning of the interview process, it is your chance to make a great initial impression, and let the interviewer know why your experience and skills makes you the best candidate for the job. 

Before the call

Like a face to face interview, it is important to plan ahead and research the company, the job on offer and the person who will be telephone interviewing you. Practice your answers to all the standard interview questions so you are able to give a confident answer. As you are on the phone you are able to take advantage of notes and memory aids in order to get your answers polished. A top tip here is to keep a copy of your CV to hand, that way if the interviewer refers to your CV you will be able to note what you have written.  

Your environment can make all the difference to your focus, try to sit at a table rather than on a sofa or somewhere you would usually sit to relax.

Let us walk you through a successful interview from start to finish. You’ve prepared, you’ve planned, and you’ve practised – now it’s time to perform, using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique to shine. 

After you hang up

After the interview is over, it is a good idea to email the interviewer to thank them for their time and the opportunity to interview with them. Hopefully, you will soon hear from the company to either offer you a face-to-face interview, or the job. But if it is a rejection notice you receive next; it is worth politely asking for feedback on how to do better next time. Review your own performance, and if necessary, put in more practice before your next attempt.