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Crafting Your Digital Persona for Career Triumph

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Crafting Your Digital Persona for Career Triumph

Crafting Your Digital Persona for Career Triumph​

In today's digital realm, employers and recruiters increasingly turn to the internet and social media to gather insights about candidates and potential employees.


The repercussions of an unprofessional or insensitive online presence can be severe. It's now more crucial than ever to ensure that your online profile paints you in a positive light.


Here are our top tips to ensure that your online presence bolsters, rather than hinders, your career aspirations.


Delve into Your Online Footprint:

Our first advice always? Delve into your online presence. Search your first and last name online to see what surfaces. Go through the first couple of pages of search results, trying different combinations like your name and the school/college/university you attended or your name and the town/city you live in. This can highlight any potential red flags, enabling you to take action.


Your Digital Legacy:

It may sound clichéd, but it's true. What you post on social media can be seen as a reflection of who you are. Clients have been known to cancel interviews after viewing candidates' social media pages. With the internet accessible 24/7, many people immediately turn to social media after meeting someone. Employers want to ensure that nothing negative, like a picture of you passed out drunk or an offensive tweet, tarnishes your professional image.


Professional Contact Details:

Ensure your email address is simple and professional, ideally avoiding any cringe-worthy moments when spelling it out over the phone. Similarly, keep your social media handles clean, as potential employers may check them.


Social Media Privacy:

Recruiters and employers often check social media before or after interviews. Privatise your social media pages or restrict public access to maintain control over what's visible.


Image Management:

Choose profile pictures wisely, especially on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Avoid funny faces or provocative poses, holding alcoholic beverages, or group pictures. Your LinkedIn page should reflect you, not your friends or family.


Side Ventures:

If you have any side businesses, be aware that employers may check them. Ensure they align with your professional image and won't reflect poorly on your employer.


Podcast Protocol:

Be cautious with podcasts, as potential employers may listen to them. Controversial topics could jeopardise future job opportunities.


Remember, you can still have fun on social media, but be mindful of what's visible to the public. Don't let a simple Google search derail your career aspirations.