​Richard boasts an impressive journey in the estate agency realm, spanning back to the vibrant late 1990s. What began as a humble role as an office junior swiftly evolved into a trajectory marked by milestones—from honing his skills as a negotiator to ascending as a valuer and associate partner, culminating in the establishment and successful operation of his own business. Throughout this dynamic journey, Richard witnessed the industry's highs during boom times and navigated through the challenges posed by the housing crash, all the while cultivating a deep-rooted understanding of the many twists and turns within the estate agency sphere.

Amidst his tenure in the industry, Richard encountered individuals whose presence lacked the spark of passion and suitability for the field—individuals merely clocking in to fulfill a job description. However, his transition to Rayner Personnel heralds an exciting chapter, brimming with opportunities to curate a roster of exceptional talent perfectly aligned with vacancies. With a keen eye for hardworking, dedicated, and enthusiastic individuals, Richard is committed to forging connections between outstanding professionals and forward-thinking companies, ensuring that skills and aspirations seamlessly converge.

When Richard is not hard at work helping great candidates find great companies and great companies find great candidates, he is either cheering on his favourite football team, embarking on rejuvenating weekend getaways in the family's touring caravan, or simply unwinding in the comforts of home.