Your Career & Social Media

Your Career & Social Media

Did you know that potential Recruiters often take a snoop into your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  They want to find out what your about, the way you live your life, your loves, your hates… your friends and acquaintances.

Now, I am sure you know to hide your holiday snaps to just family, especially when you are job hunting, but actually, there is a few more things you need to think about!

Don’t damage your personality. Remember that a job is advertised with a certain type of person in mind.  This is not only your skill set and experience, it is also your personality.  Would your personality fit into the team and company ethos.  So don’t dampen your personality too much, make sure you are consistent across all social media accounts.

Your profile picture.  Most of our profile pictures are fuzzy and featuring some crazy fancy dress party you went to 10 years ago.  Get a good profile picture taken and apply it to all your social media platforms.  Treat yourself like a branding exercise.

Trim the fat.  Recruiters often take a look at your network of friends and colleagues, especially on Linked In.  Get rid of anybody that may not have nice things to say about you.  Check the potential company you would like to work for.  Is there any cross-over in connections?  This might give you an idea of the types of people the company is reaching out to.

About 70% of Company’s use social media to screen candidates during the interview process and about 45% of employers use social media to check on current employees!

Potential recruiters aren’t looking for reasons not hire you, they are looking for reasons to hire you.

So, posting – what should you avoid at all costs.

  • Inappropriate photos or videos
  • Information about drinking or drugs
  • Discriminatory comments about race, gender, religion
  • Links to criminal behaviour
  • Don’t lie about qualifications
  • Write grammatically
  • Bad-mouthing people or past employers, colleagues
  • Lying about an absence at work

And… the golden rule DON’T POST TOO FREQUENTLY. Potential employers are hiring you to work, not hang out on social media.

Your Career & Social Media