Your Career Potential – The Recruiter and Candidate Relationship

Your Career Potential – The Recruiter and Candidate Relationship

Engaging with candidates is at the heart of hiring the best and is given the same priorities as a client relationship.
There are two main perspectives to a recruitment process; the candidate, the person seeking a job, and the client, the person or company looking to fill a role in their business. As a property recruitment company, we make it our mission to take both the client and the candidate through the recruitment process with ease and the support they need, and ensure a great experience for both parties. Where other recruiters place more value towards the client experience and may neglect the jobseeker, we ensure a quality and professional experience for everyone.

Three reasons why looking after our candidates is just as important as looking after our clients: Because we are a people business: We regularly engage with our candidates in order to build a better picture of what they are really like. In some instances, a candidate may not look like the right fit for a company on paper via their CV, qualifications and experience. But after a quick chat, or face to face conversation it can become clearer that their work ethic and personality is a perfect fit for some opportunities previously overlooked. Dismissing candidates by their CV alone may miss fantastic opportunities for candidates and clients alike.

To build a rapport: A part of providing good customer service is knowing the customer. If we exceed candidate expectations with the service we provide, they may use us in future when they are in a position of needing employees. Knowing our candidate history and being aware of their personality and their work environment preferences allows us to match talent to fantastic opportunities both quicker and easier.

Because you are just as important: The relationships we have with the individuals we deal with are just as important as our relationship with a company. Matching the wrong candidate, which can happen if a candidate’s personality and skill set is not explored, to one of our job opportunities can lead to a low productivity rate and high turnover within our client’s company. This makes both parties unhappy and we don’t want that!

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Your Career Potential – The Recruiter and Candidate Relationship