Writing a CV – What you might be underestimating

Writing a CV – What you might be underestimating

Some of the hottest jobs can get hundreds of applications. How do you make your CV stand out?

There is more to a CV than the content. And a CV with no logical format and with a lot of mistakes can create a negative impression of you as a person and may affect your chances on getting a role despite whether you are qualified for the position or not.

Here are four possible items you may be overlooking, that could really boost the standard of your CV.

Grammatical Errors and Typos
A grammatical error or spelling mistake can stop the flow of a sentence and can really stick out to a potential employer. A document with a lot of typos and grammar errors portrays a person who is sloppy, has no attention to detail and can express a lack of care or pride in their own work.

Handy tip: Sometimes it can be difficult to proofread something you have written yourself. Get someone else to proofread your CV, a friend, a family member, anyone with a good eye and a way with words.

Writing in a Professional Tone
How a CV reads and the tone, needs to be very carefully considered. At this stage, the potential employer has not met you yet and they will assume a personality and form an impression of you on your CV alone. The way you word things and which words you choose to use, you want this to be a positive reflection of yourself and show how professional you can be.

Handy tip: Read your CV out loud. You will be able to gauge how well a CV is written by how easy it is to say. If you are getting stuck on words or the sentences sound strange when you say it, you will know what to change.

Using Job Ad Keywords
When it comes to a CV, there is no such thing as a ‘One size fits all’ and despite having a similar role title, different companies look for different talents and skill sets. ‘Spam sending’, sending the same CV to multiple jobs, it is very easy to spot and can show the candidate to be lazy or simply not care enough for the role.

Handy tip: Print out the job advert and manually highlight words that jump out at you. Then read your CV and look to see where you could add in certain words or change sentences that bring forward the attributes that particular role is looking for.

Formatting and Layout
Formatting is another feature a CV needs that is often overlooked. There is nothing more daunting to a potential employer or recruiter, than a wall of text. A good layout can really change the aesthetics of your CV and will improve your chances of having someone enjoy reading it.

Handy tip: A good format can be created simply by breaking the text up into paragraphs. Bullet points can also be a good feature to your CV if you want to convey a lot of information in a short punchy way.