Why am I not hired? The biggest mistakes your making on social media

Why am I not hired? The biggest mistakes your making on social media

It is a guarantee that both your existing employers and potential employers will do a quick Google search on you at some point. If you do not police the content on your online profiles, your social media activity could be hurting your career move. Here are 5 quick tips to help you keep your social media activity clean and professional.

Posting negative comments about your job / people you work with
This is one of the most obvious things to avoid when using social media, yet people seem to still do it. Not only does it put you at risk in your current role, it also reflects badly on your commitment and motivation to future employees.

Posting about customers / clients
We all have bad experiences with customers or clients but writing a post about it for the world to see, is a bad idea! This is the exact same as posting about a colleague or your job. Brand image is incredibly important to a company and if they believe you are affecting the brand by ‘bad mouthing’ their customers, this could result to your dismissal.

Images that are best kept private
Social media is a great way to keep your friends and family up to date with what you are doing but oversharing has become a bad habit. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before posting an image:
1) Is there alcohol in the picture? Whilst photos that clearly show a little over indulgence on an evening out are an obvious no, some employers will write off any photos containing alcohol. To be on the safe side, leave the glasses on the table when taking photos in social settings.
2) Am I doing anything illegal / culturally sensitive / frowned upon? Despite whether it is legal or ‘ok’ wherever you are, it can create a very negative impression of you. Potential employers won’t look for a justification; they will just write off your application.
3) Do I want my boss to see this? The ultimate question, despite whether you have avoided all the behaviour above, is this really a picture you want your boss to see?

Strong opinions on news
Everyone has a right to an opinion, it just might be better to keep it of your profile page. It can be difficult to separate personal feelings with professional decision making. If a potential employer sees an opinionated post on a recent news story that they disagree with, it can be difficult to look past this first impression.

Having social media activity during working hours
Avoid social media activity throughout the 9am -5pm period. All activity has a visible time stamp and date which can easily be tracked by your employers. Not only does it make you less productive it reflects poorly on your work performance.

If you are unable to follow any of the 5 tips above for any reason, the best course of action is to make all profiles private and only viewable to friends and family. Following this, avoid ‘friending’ people from work.

Why am I not hired? The biggest mistakes your making on social media