The perfect gift – Get yourself a new job for Christmas

The perfect gift – Get yourself a new job for Christmas

The Holiday season is upon us and with all the festive activities it is easy to forget about your career aspirations. But this is one of the best times to look for a job and here’s the reasons why:
Get ahead of the competition.

It is a common misconception that businesses are not looking to hire over the Christmas period. In reality, as a recruitment company, we know that this can be one of the busy times of the year for jobs on the market. What there is a shortage of is talent. If you are looking into getting a competitive industry now is the time to apply and get the edge of your competition.

Money never sleeps.

Despite the Christmas parties and the few days off around Christmas, a business runs all year round. Some businesses are desperate to get in fresh talent in before the end of the year and it could potentially be you.

Be productive on your days off.

Working 9am – 5pm most days, it can be hard to find the time and motivation to put in the necessary effort to apply for roles. Most people have at least a few days off and this can open an opportunity to set aside some time to update your resume and get on with the job hunt.

Our three top tips for applying for jobs around Christmas

Treat yourself – To help you prepare for those potential interviews, give yourself an early Christmas present and buy yourself a smart outfit. Updating your wardrobe could give you that extra confidence you need.

Be vigilant with Social networking – It a time of year to celebrate with Christmas parties and new year’s eve coming up, its more than likely that a questionable photo of you could find its way online. Recruiters are increasing researching potential candidates through social networking to get a better understanding of the person. Remember to delete those drunk work party photos or at the very least make them private.

Set your career goals – It is tempting to leave you career goals and news year’s resolutions to 1st of January. Get ahead of others and start working on them now. Starting in December will also set a good foundation for you in January.

The perfect gift – Get yourself a new job for Christmas