Taking the leap: 3 things to consider before changing career to estate agency

Taking the leap: 3 things to consider before changing career to estate agency

In the spirit of leap year this week, we look at changing careers to the property industry and the importance of exploring all the options open to you.

The idea of changing careers can be daunting and can be a very difficult decision to action. Sometimes it isn’t always the best option and there are other factors in play that can provide the illusion that a career change is the only solution. Before taking the leap take a look at these three factors to consider below:

I do not get paid enough
Money can be the main reason people get up and go to work in the morning but is it the only reason you are wanting to change career? If you are enjoying the career you are in the chances are you may not enjoy working in a different industry and it might be of more value to you to explore other options that will help you to progress in the industry, you are in. Or look for work in a different area, transport costs and additional costs like parking can make all the difference.

Considering estate agency for money?
If you’re looking to move into the property industry for the money remember that, estate agency roles usually work on a commission basis and at entry level candidates do take less of a basic salary than jobs in other industries. A Trainee Negotiator can earn anywhere between £12,000 – £14,000 as a basic salary which is a lower average than other industries however, with hard work, determination and drive, you can earn anywhere up to £20,000 with commission considered. If you are willing to put the work and hours in the rewards can be very high.

I hate my job!
Dread getting out of bed every morning? Before you conclude a change in career is the answer ask is it the job you hate or do you dislike other factors in your role. You might be mistaking your hate for the industry for feeling of being undervalued by the company you work for or the company culture may not be right for you.

Will you love estate agency?
Sales can be a very challenging and very rewarding. All sales people in any industry will tell you that there are good days and bad days depending on the state of the market, the time of the year and many other factors.

I’m struggling to find opportunities that suit me
If you love what you do but can’t find any roles in your profession that suit your needs, it can be easy to consider changing industries. The tip here is to keep going, try not to feel disheartened and believe something will change. The chances are if you already love what you do, you will probably get less satisfaction in a different career.

Instead of looking to change career, look at how you can upgrade your skillset to make your CV stand out. Can you get some extra training, take up a hobby, volunteer, these are all things you can do that can build your CV so when the right opportunity does come along your CV stands out above the rest?

Taking the leap: 3 things to consider before changing career to estate agency