Spring into a less Stressed Future

Spring into a less Stressed Future

April is Stress Awareness Month and it is reported that out of the UK working population, one in five (21%) of us is experiencing anxiety and stress several times through the working week.  It is the 18-33 year olds that suffer the highest levels of stress.

What causes this stress.  Well according to the Health & Safety Executive the predominant causes of workplace stress are workload, in particular tight deadlines, too much work or too much pressure or responsibility.  It can also be a lack of managerial support, organisational changes at work or role uncertainty.  This stress accounts for 44% of work related ill health and a massive 57% working days lost.  The modern day working environment could force long periods of sitting in front of a computer, snatching junk food between meetings, eye strain, long hours.  All these can and will contribute to anxiety and stress.

How you may be feeling.  You could have anxiety, back pain, constant tiredness, weight gain or loss or unable to sleep.  Any or a combination of these is uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating.

So how can make changes to help you deal with these stress levels or avoid them all together?

  1. Talk to your Manager, or if you are the manager discuss stress with individual employees, then pull together a meeting or workshop to discuss everyone’s levels of stress, what causes it and how it can be reduced.
  2. If you are a Manager that regularly sends emails and texts after hours, then stop it.  We should respect people’s privacy and family lives outside the confines of work.
  3. Equally, when you the employer is off work, after hours or on holiday, take time off, don’t regularly check your phone.
  4. If a wellness class is offered make sure you step away from your desk long enough to appreciate and gain from the programme.
  5. Make sure you take your annual leave.  Don’t turn your annual leave in to a working holiday, make sure you have cover for your job and prioritise urgent jobs.

Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise. Sigmund Freud.

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