Reach your full business potential: 5 people to hire for a successful business

Reach your full business potential: 5 people to hire for a successful business

A business whether it operates in estate agency or other industries, can only grow so much on one person’s shoulders. It takes a group effort, working towards a single purpose to allow a company to expand to its full potential. All businesses have various tasks that need to be performed and areas of expertise that need to be covered in order to be successful. Here are the top 5 people you need to hire to make the most of your team:

The leader
Definition: a person who rules, guides, or inspires others; head.
The profile: A good leader hires great people that can manage their own projects with little interference from you. As the business grows, you cannot do everything and need a good support system to run a business successfully.
It may be part of the leader’s role to direct employees in some instances but there is more to the role. They are also there to encourage and motivate, to celebrate and reward achievements and forgive mistakes. It’s important to let the team to learn and grow and be happy. A happy workforce is a productive workforce.

The expert
Definition: a person who has extensive skill or knowledge in a particular field.
The profile: Every good business needs an expert in the industry. In order to qualify for this position, a good level of expertise tends to be achieved by years of service. They bring vital information to the table, for example, information on trends, competitors, the current market and customer wants and needs. The main role of the expert is to provide guidance and wisdom to assignments and the rest of the team. An expert can also prevent mistakes being made in the business through their own experiences.

The Financier
Definition: a person who is engaged or skilled in large-scale personnel operations.
The profile: Every business, successful or not, has dealings with money. The importance to hiring someone who understands cash flow, accounting, strategy and other personnel operations cannot be underestimated. They are vital to the company’s survival. Without this member in your team, it can be easy for a company to lose sight of its personnel position and may lead to overspending or spending money in the wrong areas.

The strategist
Definition: A strategist is someone who is skilled in planning the best way to gain an advantage or to achieve success.
The profile: Most of your workforce are focused on the here and now, strategists are the planners for the future. They look at emerging trends, customer behaviours and new competitors to keep the company moving forward and ahead in the industry. Without this key member on your team you can find your business slowing pace and unable to keep up with market changes, leading to catastrophic results.

The executer
Definition: To carry out; complete; perform; do.
With a strategist and an expert, planning and helping to provide a clear path for the business, the executer puts the plans into practice and makes it their mission to get tasks completed. These people tend to be very goal orientated and can be trusted to get things done at the right time and in the right way. This person is vital to getting the company strategies into motion and deliver the right service delivered to customers.

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(all definitions were provided by the official Collins Dictionary Website.