Preparing for your Future Career

Preparing for your future career

You can prepare for a future career at any age or career stage and it is something you should consider at least once a year.  It is thought that the average person will change careers (not jobs) up to seven times in their lifetime.

Your prospective employers want to attract, hire and retain employees who provide the best value to them.  You need to think about yourself as a product to sell and create a plan for marketing your value in your chosen workplace.

How do you this?  Firstly, make sure you have an up to date CV, so that when the right opportunity present itself, you are ready to react immediately.  If you need help writing your CV please see our tips.

Secondly, Reflect on your performance.  Are you happy with your career so far?  What would you have done better of differently?  It’s a lot easier to market yourself if you understand what you really want.

Thirdly, What do you need from work?  Obviously a salary, but is location, training, flexible working for instance important to you.  Make sure you research the companies ethos that you wish to market yourself to.

And lastly, think about how you can be successful in your career by setting short term (1 year) and long term (5-10 years) career goals.  Utilise SMART (specific, measurable, attainable and timebound) goals.  Always write them down and review them regularly.

Of course, you can continue to embrace career growth by talking to your Boss about other opportunities available within your current company.  Perhaps there may be the opportunity to embrace new training or work in a different department.

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