Outsourcing Recruitment: Why it’s the right move for your company?

Outsourcing Recruitment: Why it’s the right move for your company?

Why hire a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company (RPO) when you can do your recruitment in-house? A question that has been asked time and time again. And whilst there are reasons for both sides the real question is at what calibre do you want your employees to be?
If you need to hire more than just seat warmers, then Outsourcing your recruitment will be most beneficial for you and your company. Here are five reasons RPO can help upgrade your workforce.

  1. 1. Cutting costs without cutting out the top talent

If there is a solution to your recruitment that is reduces costs but still provides the high calibre workforce you need, it is a no brainer right? Outsourcing recruitment is a solution that is both cost effective and fast without reducing the quality. It can expose your company to candidates that are not actively looking for a role but would jump at the opportunity for career progression. It can also reduce the costs that are associated with a high employee turnover.

  1. 2. Reduces the time and pressure on you and your team, that comes with the recruitment process.

Another way of reducing costs to the company is reducing the amount of time and stress your employees are wasting going through the recruitment process. Taking the time to read over CV’s, conduct telephone interviews and then organise face to face interviews, can be time consuming and there’s no guarantee that this time will turn out the right candidates.  In addition, if you do find the right talent, the more time it takes for a company to process and potential candidate, the more likely they are to miss out due to other offers or they can become demotivated, ultimately reflecting badly on the company’s reputation in the future.

  1. 3. You and your team don’t have the exposure/tools that will bring in the talent.

It is a Recruitment Company’s purpose to know everything there is about the hiring process and about the right people for you. This level of expertise comes with resources and tools that have been tried and tested in the field. They know how to source job seekers, engage and drive the more passive candidates and break through barriers that can reduce the time to hire

  1. 4. You want to benchmark your recruitment with your competitors.

Hiring the right people has a direct impact of the success of your business. Alternatively, the calibre of your competitor’s workforce also has an impact on your company. If you utilise the expertise RPO’s have, and improve your hiring process, this is guaranteed to reduce risk, enhance retention and therefore, provides you with a competitive edge over other organisations operating in your line of business.

  1. 5. Your organisation is expanding

When your need for fresh talent increases and more than one candidates are needed, many organisations do not have the kind of internal support needed to handle the recruitment process well. Alternatively, if your organisation is growing across the country or beyond, hiring a recruitment partner that has both great reach and local expertise can really make a difference to the talent your company can be exposed to.

Outsourcing Recruitment: Why it’s the right move for your company?