How to climb the Career Ladder in your current job

How to climb the Career Ladder in your current job

Us Millennials want career growth and development in our jobs.  Unfortunately, often the only time you will have discussed career progression was when you were hired for the job and it hasn’t been mentioned again.  You may have been asked about your aspirations with career development at your first appraisal, but often you realise it is just a form that needs to be filled out for HR.

Of course, you could always switch jobs every few years, but in those years whilst you settle into your new job, you are not growing until you move onto the next job.

There are a few reasons why your company is not helping you progress your career:-

  1. Maybe your Manager doesn’t know you wish to progress, so make sure they are aware.
  2. A lot of Managers have huge workloads and large teams of people to manage.  Maybe they have forgotten your desire for long term investment.
  3. Does your company incentive’s your or reward for a job well done?  If not, it certainly won’t be a priority.  Push for it, they will soon realise your higher motivation and productivity.

So what can you do about these issues?  Here’s some tips to get the ball rolling:-

  1. If when entering your new company, career progression is forefront in your mind, make sure you say so as part of your interview process.
  2. When you get an offer for the job, make sure your emphasise once again that climbing the career ladder is very important to you during negotiations.
  3. Focus on the rights things.  Don’t fixate on the millions of questions you will have when you start your new job, whilst your gaining the answers, don’t forget about your career ladder.  It should come as no surprise to your Manager at the end of your probation period, that you should ask about career progression, as you discussed it as part of your interview process.

Climbing the ladder will not happen overnight.  Celebrate the small wins; a raise in salary, achieving your sales target, but always keep in mind your goals.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. (Abraham Lincoln)


How to climb the Career Ladder in your current job

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