How to ace a telephone interview

How to ace a telephone interview

At Rayner Personnel we want you to do the best you can in every interview situation, including a telephone interview. This is the first impression you will give the potential employer, so it is important to make it count!

Before the crucial call

Make sure you plan and find out as much as you can about the job being offered and research the company. You should compile a list of your strengths and weaknesses because it is likely that the interviewer may ask you about these. The best way to asses these is to think about what your strengths are and give examples of how these have helped you, and what are your weaknesses and how you plan to overcome them. Ensure that you clear the room of all distractions like children and pets and turn the TVs off.

Common questions like- what do you know about us, why do you see yourself working here or where do you see yourself in 5/10 years- are bound to come up. By practicing all these questions, you will have a rough answer in your head without having to quickly come up with an answer.

Make sure you have your CV near you to refer to, it is likely that the interviewer may ask questions in reference to your CV. Where possible, make sure you are sitting in a room where you will have good signal for a more clear and confident conversation and make sure you mobile has charge in it!

You should make a list of questions you think you’ll need to ask the interviewer.

To increase your confidence, you should ask a family member or friend to conduct a mock interview over the phone with you.

The interview

When the phone rings, before you answer make sure you take a deep breath and relax yourself. The interviewer may give you’re a structure for your call, if they do try to bare this in mind when answering questions. You shouldn’t rush through your pitch to fit everything in so if the structure includes a time limit remember not to rush but to pick out your most important points and highlight those. You should be upbeat and professional and avoid using slang and informal language whilst maintain a professional tone. Your response should demonstrate your knowledge and enthusiasm for the role. Don’t be afraid for clarification if you don’t understand what their said or asked.

Before hanging up you should ask the interviewer what happens next and if you don’t already have one ask for an email to contact them on.

Dos & Don’ts


  • answer the phone yourself
  • smile focus and listen
  • say if the time they have rung is a bad time there’s nothing worse the getting g then rushing through to get somewhere else suggest a few better times.


  • sound bored
  • eat, smoke or chew gum whilst having the interview and you should only drink water
  • interrupt the interviewer whilst they are speaking
  • try and multitask.

After you hang up

After the interview politely email the interviewer and thank them for their time and the opportunity to interview with them. Hopefully you’ll hear the outcome of the interview within a few days.

If you do get the job- well done!

If you don’t then try to reflect on why you did not get it, and possibly email the interviewer again thanking them for their time and if they have any improvements for you for future interviews. It is important if you do make contact with the interviewer that you do not try to persuade them to change their mind or harass them if they do not reply. By leaving a polite lasting impression you may be considered for future opportunities.

If you feel you need more advice on how to tackle a telephone interview, then make sure you talk to your Rayner Personnel recruiter who will always be happy to assist you with further tips and support.

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How to ace a telephone interview