Fail to Prepare: Prepare to Fail!

Fail to Prepare: Prepare to Fail!

How effective preparation is the key to successful recruitment, and getting hired

The great inventor, thinker and statesman Benjamin Franklin certainly understood a thing or two about success. Widely considered as one of the greatest ever Americans, his considerable achievements, ideas and wisdom continue to inspire people across the world. Perhaps his most famous quote “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” is equally relevant today to a student taking their GCSEs, a football team entering a championship, or a General preparing for war. At Rayner Personnel, we certainly see effective preparation as a vital factor for success in the highly-competitive world of property recruitment.

If you are a real estate professional looking to progress your career; talent, intelligence, experience, skills, confidence and good old-fashioned luck are all crucial for landing that new role. But unless you have done your homework, researched the company and role, and prepared for the interview properly, you are probably setting yourself up to fail.

Likewise, a real estate agent or property consultancy looking for a new Trainee, Area Manager or Lettings Negotiator may have a dream job waiting for that perfect candidate. But without preparing the right interview questions, effectively checking candidate references or preparing a negotiating strategy beforehand, you are considerably less likely to ever recruit that perfect employee.

With this in mind, we are planning to introduce a series of online resources and tools on our website over the next few months. These concise and practical articles will be specifically aimed at helping both employers and job seekers in the property sector prepare for success.

Preparing to recruit talented property professionals

The property industry is fast-moving and attracts employees that think on their feet and react quickly to new opportunities. Covering issues such as interview technique, making a job offer and welcoming your new employees into the company, our resources for estate agents and property consultants will help you prepare to recruit effectively, giving you the best chance of securing the best talent for your team.

Preparing to progress your career in property and real estate

As a property professional, you work in a notoriously competitive sector. Indeed, that’s probably what attracted you to this industry in the first place. Our online resources will include advice on interview attire, telephone and video interview technique, and how to deal with those trickier “competency-based” interview questions. These tools aim to give you a valuable competitive edge in your job hunt.

The great Benjamin Franklin also once advised people to “either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing”. Over the next few months, we plan to do both. Whether you are embarking on a recruitment drive or a job search, our online resources will help you prepare the groundwork thoroughly, and give you the best chance of success.

Fail to Prepare: Prepare to Fail!