Dress to impress: there is no second chance at a first impression

Dress to impress: there is no second chance at a first impression

Before you have managed to say a word, the interviewer has already formed an opinion of you by the way you look. Don’t fall at the first hurdle and spoil your chances at a fantastic opportunity, follow our 5 quick tips to help you dress appropriately for that all important first impression.

1) Ask someone what the dress code is
Different companies have different policies on what to wear in the office. Gain some intel by asking your contacts within the company, i.e. the person organising the interviews. Alternatively, have a look at the company’s website and social media to gain an insight into the company culture and brand image.

2) It is always better to be over dressed than under dressed
When in doubt, always go for the smarter option. No matter the company dress code, you will always be more likely to make a better impression if you wear a suit than a pair a jeans and a scruffy shirt.

3) The right fit is key
Be wary of how your outfit fits you. To help you decide if something is appropriate, stand in front of a full length mirror a few days before your interview, wearing your chosen outfit. Look for key indicators of ill-fitting items, for example, your shirt should not be hanging off of your frame or bursting at the buttons. If you opt for a skirt, the hem lime should be just above the knee or longer, any shorter is not suitable for an interview.

4) Keep your look clean and simple
After getting your outfit together, it’s time to add accessories. It can be really easy to overdo this stage, the general rule is to keep everything clean and simple.
For men: Keep accessories to a watch, no visible chains or piercings. Keep cologne light, and most importantly, make sure your shoes are clean and polished.
For women: Keep jewellery simple and stick to expensive jewellery or no jewellery over costume pieces that can cheapen your look. Opt for a clean and tidy hairstyle and keep makeup light and simple. Shoes should also be clean and polished and flat or have a sensible heel.

5) Wear a smile
After following all the steps above, your outfit is ready, all there is left to do is smile! The way you hold yourself can really affect a first impression so be confident, hold yourself up and try to enjoy the experience. Good luck!

How to Dress Appropriately for an Interview

Dress to impress: there is no second chance at a first impression