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Getting ready for normal

Getting back to normal is what we all want, however for a lot of people it is going to be a lot harder.


One in 20 people in the UK has lost a job due to Coronavirus a YouGov poll has suggested, while almost one in 10 are seeing their hours reduced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is hard to be certain of anything right now, but things will pivot round, the sooner the better. When that happens there will be a lot of competition for these positions so being ready and at the front of the queue is the best way to get ahead.


Josh Rayner, CEO of Rayner Personnel comments, connecting people with jobs in the property industry is what I do, doing something to help people have the best chance to find one again is how I can really help. Equally businesses didn’t expect this to happen either, letting people go and furloughing those who you care about has been hard for them. What we do know is that having a healthy business and bunch of people in it ready to run fast again will be a priority. We don’t know what is ahead from a timeline point of view but when things start to turn again, because they will, we want to be right at the front of it. Coronavirus has left people without a job and one in three Britons feeling fearful for their future so for property people I decided to do something about it and have created the ‘property people register’.

The idea is a simple one, for anyone in the industry who has found themselves out of a job or an uncertain future due to the Coronavirus be it in estate agency, lettings, new homes and suppliers etc. Register your basic details confidentially and as positions become available again, we’ll work hard to place you in them. the register is linked to the company’s website which also has plenty of help and advice on how to navigate the property job market and make the most of new opportunities.


The Property People Register


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