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Preparing for interviews

There are many different types of interviews from a casual chat over a coffee to a panel interrogation. But our basic advice holds true for each of these situations and is your starting point for interview success!

Do your homework
Preparation is vital. Learn all you can about the company, starting with the company website, news articles about the company, their social media pages and any trade publications. Spend some time researching the company history and make yourself familiar with how the current business operates, including the team structure and if they have any published future plans for expansion. This information will direct you to the types of answers they are looking for in the interview and is your chance to impress the interviewer by showing you have a genuine interest and enthusiasm.

Start with the basics
Re-read the job description and highlight all of the skills and experience that they are looking for and make a list of examples of where you have used these skills or gained the necessary experience. By doing this before the interview, you will be more prepared to talk clearly and confidently about how you are qualified for the job. If you have any gaps in your CV, be prepared to explain these in your interview, so take some time to reflect on activities you undertook during your break and what you learned from this. The interview is all about demonstrating how you are the best fit for the company, so concentrate on the benefits you bring to the table such as familiarity with the industry or systems.