Bring the Christmas vibe to your remote team

2020 has been tough year, we have all had to learn and adapt to the ‘new way’ of working and I am sure at times, we have all struggled. However, with December just around the corner it brings a great opportunity to show your appreciation to your dedicated remote employees (and bring everyone a little closer in these strange times)

So why not use the following five ways to spread some Christmas joy from a socially accepted distance with a remote celebration?

1. First send a gift bag

Want to bring back that absent feeling of togetherness? Send a gift bag to every member of your teams’ home to arrive before the day of the virtual party with strict instructions, do not open until the big day and when everyone can be together online!

You could choose to personalise the items and include gifts such as:

  • Festive headgear, Christmas hats or crazy festive glasses
  • Fun prop for a themed photo
  • Sachet of hot chocolate, marshmallows, and a festive mug
  • Cosy Christmas socks or stocking
  • Gift voucher
  • Alka-seltzer and paracetamol for the morning after (probably the most important element)

2. Secret Santa can still come at a social distance

That deep satisfaction you get when you watch your colleagues reaction tearing off the paper of the very personal seasonal present you have got them, you can still have that, ok through a laptop screen, but still fun nonetheless.

The only way it differs from the usual pick a name out of a hat and set a max budget is that the wrapped gifts get posted to the person they are intended for.

The one thing that you can be sure won’t change are the blushes of your colleague when they open their special gift, priceless...

3. Sing-Off

Why not take advantage of ingenious apps like Lucky Voice Karaoke, to host a ‘sing off’ to get the party started?

Gone is the age of politely singing through covers of timeless classics, much better to blast a selection of best loved Christmas songs and set a shuffle so the team won’t be prepared for when their turn is up to show off their vocal talents.

You can always tap the mute button if at risk of breaking windows when hitting that high note…

4. Culinary delights

In these unprecedented times many event companies have adapted to hosting remote parties and there is an abundance to choose from to turn your Christmas celebration into a culinary delight.

You can include the ingredients to take part in the gift bags sent to the team ahead of your party, be it mixing Christmas cocktails together with a master host, beer and cheese tasting with an expert guide or chocolate making with a chocolatier.

5. Awarding winning….

Does your Christmas celebration normally include an awards ceremony? That does not need to be side lined this year.  Recognising and congratulating your staff for all of their hard work is even more paramount this year as many remote employees feel that they go unnoticed and that their efforts have not been recognised as much as perhaps they would have been in the office.

As well as the recognised accolades introduce some more tongue-in-cheek remote working awards like:

  • ‘Really should have muted more often’
  • ‘Whoops shouldn’t have said that’
  • ‘Best virtual background’
  • ‘Best zoom interruption’
  • ‘Always late to the zoom party’

The party doesn’t have to be over

Ok you can’t physically get together this year and fall over on the dance floor after one too many, but there are still lots of ways to get your team laughing together and reenforcing the team bonding, gearing up for brighter days to come in 2021.

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