The most competitive cities in which to be an estate agent

Rayner Personnel, has revealed the UK cities that  are the most competitive when it comes to the ratio of estate agents to property listings.

Rayner looked at the number of residential estate agents operating across 23 UK cities and compared this figure to the number of properties currently listed for sale online to find the average number of listings per agent.

The figures show that Aberdeen is currently the most competitive market in which to be an estate agent. Based on the number of estate agents currently listed on Zoopla (39) and the number of residential properties listed for sale (511), there is an average of just 13 properties for every estate agent in the city.

Cambridge ranks as the second most competitive city, with an average of just 15 properties for every one agent while Edinburgh and Leicester complete the top three, each with an average of 16 properties per agent.

Oxford (18), Manchester (21), Glasgow (21) and Bristol (22) also rank in the top 10.

While London is home to by far the most abundant level of available stock (98,637) there are also some 4,041 agents battling it out to sell them.

This results in an average of just 24 properties per agent in the capital.

Southampton and Newcastle have an average of 25 properties per agent, while Bournemouth (26) and Cardiff (27) complete the top 10.

In contrast, Newport (46), Liverpool (41), Plymouth (39), Sheffield (37) and Leeds (36) rank as the least competitive in terms of the stock available per agent.

Founder and CEO of Rayner Personnel, Josh Rayner, commented:

“Estate agency has always been an incredibly competitive profession, and in fact, it’s one of the things that drives the best agents to perform day in, day out.

“If you build a business based on a mixture of great technology and great people, there’s no reason you can’t succeed in today’s sector, even in the most competitive of spaces.”

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