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Recruiter: Love Us or Hate Us – It’s Really Up to You!

I have worked with some exceptional recruiters, and many more pretty average ones, there are lots of them out there so pick your recruiter wisely.

How To Act When A Headhunter Calls You

Because this prospect is so daunting individuals should arm themselves with the correct knowledge on how to deal with this situation just in case a headhunter does indeed one day reach out to them.

Estate agents’ incomes show big rises

A survey compiled by Rayner Personnel has assessed basic salaries and OTE earnings for 12 grades ranging from trainee negotiator to managing director.

How can you counter the counter offer?

Greatly reduce the risk for a counter offer getting in the way of a successful hire.

The rise and rise of the video interview

While the traditional two-page CV has not yet been consigned to the wastepaper basket, video interviews are increasingly playing a major role in the recruitment process.

Keeping your high-flyer’s feet on the ground

Successful estate agents are, by their nature, driven, determined, independently-minded individuals.