Strike while the iron is hot: Avoid disappointment when hiring a candidate

Strike while the iron is hot: Avoid disappointment when hiring a candidate

There are many reasons as to why the ideal candidate does not accept a job offer but in some cases can rejection be avoided? Here are five top tips that can help you avoid disappoint and secure that perfect candidate.

Be personal
When offering the position to the candidate, make sure its personal! If a face to face meeting cannot be arranged, give them a call instead. If the candidate is occupied and the phone goes to voicemail ask them to call you back, it’s advisable to not announce the good news. Having a conversation about the offer is also beneficial to you, it allows you to gauge the candidate’s reaction and address any concerns or confusions.

Strike while the iron is hot
It’s important to get through the process as quick, a candidate may over analyse a situation and lose the initial spark of interest they had for the role. A long interview process may even damage your reputation; candidates will not look to the company for roles in future. Alternatively, it is more than likely they are looking elsewhere and may get offered a role somewhere else.

Walk them through it
A career change is a massive decision for anyone and providing them with additional support can really put a candidate at ease. Firstly, when offering them a package, talk them through the offer and any perks they may have like car allowances, bonuses and incentive schemes etc. Take the time to explain each feature and encourage questions.

After you have explained the package, give them a couple of days to mull it over. Then look to obtain a verbal response by phone, maintaining enthusiasm and excitement. It’s important to set a deadline for a response that you and the candidate can both agree on.

Then follow up with a written response outlining the job name, date of start salary and conditions. Candidates usually wait for this kind of document before they resign from their current role.

Sell the dream

Go beyond the job spec and sell the company to them, people are more likely to move if they feel positive about the role you offer and not short-changed.

It’s important to find out within the interview process the candidates current salary and perks so you can offer them a salary that is higher than their current position or if you offering the same salary, make sure you sweeten the deal with other perks they are not getting now.

Be prepared to negotiate
When preparing for negotiation, doing a bit of research on what competitors offer and what the market expectations are can help you get a package together that is within your means and right for your potential candidate.

Strike while the iron is hot: Avoid disappointment when hiring a candidate