Are you building a talent pool of potential employees for 2016?

Are you building a talent pool of potential employees for 2016?

Our current campaign is all about potential and how important your business potential is to us. There are many ways to make sure your ahead of the game when it comes to hiring staff. Building a foundation of potential employees before you need them is a great way of reducing the fuss and effort that comes with employing new people.

By definition a head hunter is a recruiter who specialises in matching highly skilled professionals with corporate clients. In short, it is their business to know good people and it is guaranteed they will know potential candidates you don’t.

Internal Recommendations – Make the most of your current employees contacts and provide them with an incentive to generate recommendations. This is quick and effective way to gain names of people in the industry. Incentive can be accomplished through competitions or reward systems for a certain amount of referrals.

Manager Networking – Use your management to its full potential and provide a list of people for them to build relationships within a set period of time. Putting a bit of time and effort into people in the short term can really pay off in the long term.

Previous Employees / Candidates –  There are a number of factors that can affect a decision to join your team or to leave the company. The job you were offering may not have been what they were looking for whatever reason at the time but another opening could be perfect for them down the line. Because you have already gained intel on these candidates, maintaining contact with them can be really beneficial in filling future roles.

Networking – Building relationships by finding out where people head to after work, what events to visit. For example, trade shows or client pitches can be a great way to network and name gather. This way you get to know potential candidates and the people they work with. A really good way to invest time is meeting with a competitors’ recruiter frequently to share ideas and build a relationship.

Mystery Shopping – Usually mystery shopping is used to measure compliance with regulations, quality of service or to gain information offered services. If an employee can excel expectations during a mystery shop they can be good names to keep hold of for later roles.

Advertisement – There are a number of advertising venues you can take to attract and head hunt potential candidates; making use of social media, posting a ‘we are hiring’ page on your website, create powerful adverts that draw in your target audience can be really effective. If you don’t have the skills in house to produce professional marketing material, consider outsourcing.

If you use all the ideas above or just some of them, consistency is the key. Having a system can help you organise the names and information you have gathered using these techniques. It can also help you to compare each potential candidates and allow you to head hunt the best. The first month may not reap the candidates you need but keeping up with a regime of talent hunting can uncover some real gems.

Are you building a talent pool of potential employees for 2016?