An Open Door Policy: The Key to Keeping Talented Individuals

An Open Door Policy: The Key to Keeping Talented Individuals

In the current job market, it’s the year of the candidate! Talent are looking for more than just a good salary, they are looking for a role with a good work/life balance and a good company culture. The best way to fulfil this as an employer? Be honest and operate a genuine open door policy.

Promoting an honest and open work environment can really give your star employees the chance to share constructive criticism and highlight areas where they feel demotivated and undervalued. The result of not operating an honest work environment could potentially lose you your talented individuals to a competitor.

How to encourage an open and honest work?

One of the key factor, as an employer, people have to believe that if they do have something to say, you will listen. Remember that different personality types will react differently to your encouragement for feedback and it will take the shyer talent longer to trust you and speak out. Be patient and continue to practice what you preach and eventually you will get the results you want.

If some staff members are still not providing feedback, take a moment to ask why. Understand that there is always an element of worry and paranoia that comes with talking about your true feelings in the workplace. Some may even believe if they are too honest, they run the risk of losing out on a promotion or worse, face being fired. Part of being understanding is to always thank your staff for their honesty regardless of its value to you.

Remain mutual
It can be hard to take criticism for many reasons, and not all criticism is constructive or takes into consider all the factors, regardless, do not get defensive. It can take an employee a lot of courage to open up about their concerns and they will never do it again if you express disapproval. It is ok to talk you employees through the situation, and explain the situation to them. The key to this is to remain calm, empathetic and stick to the facts.

Keep it going
Once a line of communication has been established keep it open. Feedback shouldn’t be something that is received during a review or as an employee hands in their notice, it should be a part of the working routine. After meetings, ask your staff if they have anything to add or after pitching a new concept, as for their thoughts.
A business is only as strong as it’s employees. Promoting and enforcing an open door policy can really benefit your company. Make use of your brightest members and gain a different perspective, who knows what great ideas you can uncover. Honesty is really the best policy when growing a happy and healthy workforce.

An Open Door Policy: The Key to Keeping Talented Individuals