5 Motivation Tips to Combat Work Burnout

5 Motivation Tips to Combat Work Burnout

Ever find yourself at work exhausted, unmotivated and dissatisfied with the tasks that you’re doing? It’s normal to feel like this every now and then, but if this is a daily thing then you’re likely to be feeling work burnout. It can be caused by a number of things, from repetitive work to a dysfunctional team. Learning how to avoid and/or combat work burnout will not only improve your work performance but also your mental health.

Focus on a Goal

Sometimes we feel that the work we are doing isn’t making a difference in the company or the work is very monotonous so we end up feeling robotic. When you experience this it’s important that you sit back and find a reason why you’re doing your job. It could be because you’ll be rewarded greatly for a job well done or it will impact the company in some way (it doesn’t have to be a major impact either!). This will give you a boost of energy and a source of motivation.

Take Care of Your Body

A common symptom of work burnout is feeling run down and unproductive. Unhealthy habits enhance these feelings as other factors are playing a role in your mood and mentality. Only getting 3 hours of sleep each night? Then you’re more likely to be tired, prone to errors and more sensitive to stressful events. Bad diet? Then you can feel fatigued and find it hard to focus. Add these on top of the stress you already feel at work and it’s a recipe for disaster. By taking care of your body and adopting healthy habits you can come into work feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to tackle the burnout.

Try to have healthy meals each day along with 9 hours of sleep (7 hours if you must) every night. Incorporate some work-out time a couple of times a week too. You don’t have to go to the gym either! Going for a run or a long stroll will offer the same benefits. These changes will leave you feeling refreshed and energised every day and in turn less likely to feel burned out at work.

Adopt Healthy Work Habits

Let’s face it, most of us have monotonous jobs. For 9 hours of our day, we’re sitting in front of a computer screen working. There’s no variation and this low-stimulation (no matter how much we love work/look forward to the pay) can lead to work burnout. Healthy work habits help lessen this feeling and prevent it altogether.

Take frequent activity breaks throughout the day. It could be a five-minute break walking around the building to simply getting up and grabbing a glass of water. At my old job, we had a group meditation break which was great as it allowed me to switch off from work. You can also eat healthy snacks to give you a small energy boost, talk to your colleagues and make your desk more homely.

Treat Yourself to a Holiday

Most of us work 9-hour shifts Monday to Friday. Sitting in a stuffy office for months on end can get the better of anyone. Treat yourself to a small holiday to give your mind a break from work. During that time don’t answer any work-related calls/emails unless it’s a dire emergency. For a more effective break, take regular long weekends throughout the month. By spacing your holidays out you don’t have to work a full work week so the weekend comes quicker and each week you feel refreshed and ready to work.

Consider a New Job

Tried all the tips above and still feeling drained at work? Then it might be time to find a new job. Now you don’t have to quit your job entirely. Talk to your manager and express your feelings of dissatisfaction. You can ask for a different set of tasks to do or see if you can work in a different department. If after changing tasks you still feel burned out, then it’s clear that you and the company don’t work well. It’s only after this that I recommend you consider changing jobs.


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5 Motivation Tips to Combat Work Burnout